Based in Hong Kong- KUNEY is the creative practice of Elie Yoon, creating seasonal, bespoke flower arrangements to communicate ideas and emotions. Every design is carefully crafted to evoke wonder and delight, and create a shared experience of beauty and connection.

We are committed to explore new compositions featuring a variety of seasonal flowers and foliage, including traditional favorites, as well as more exotic blooms. Each bouquet is uniquely presented from a contemporary perspective, an interplay between harmony and contrast. With layers of intricate beauty intertwined, it enhances the inherent grace of each flower, creating a harmonious yet captivating visual experience.

With a joyful touch in each design, we believe sharing joy is the most memorable gifting experience to offer.

香港高端網上花店 KUNEY,由Elie Yoon創立,秉持細節美學理念,從花藝設計探索現代生活之美。專注於創作並研究以不同花材在設計上的可塑性。